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Captain Mike

Capt. Mike currently holds the rank of Master 120,000 lbs Ltd or (Master 60 Ton Ltd) as well as licenses as a

Small Vessel Engineer, Marine Emergency Duties, or (MED-A2) Marine Basic First-Aid and a Maritime Radio Operator license!

Operating as a professional Captain since 2010 onboard various different vessels and has sailed on multiple different bodies of water, including Lake Ontario, Lake Huron and Lake Erie.

About: About

The Wellcraft Portofino Sports Yacht is 45 ft long and almost 15 ft wide — picture an extra wide Greyhound bus for the water. All cruises include access to outside seating, a covered living area, and a washroom.

It has twin, diesel powered engines and is certified and licensed by Transport Canada as a commercial passenger vessel. You might be interested to know that it takes 400 gallons (1818 litres) of marine grade gas to operate. 

Safety equipment includes easily accessible, commercial grade life jackets suitable for adults, children and even infants. Multiple fire extinguishers, smoke monitors and smoke alarms are located in the accommodation areas and the engine room. Various alarms are in place, including an alert should there be any water intrusion. Secured to the back of the boat is a quick inflating, enclosed life raft able to carry 25 people. A safety railing surrounds the entire deck.

A passenger safety briefing, including a life jacket demonstration, is conducted before each excursion.



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